Knowledge and messaging: A vital link for outstanding digital customer service

Communication via chat has many advantages in digital customer service. Previously we talked about this in the article: "Use Messaging and a Multichannel Strategy to Become a Service Champion" but what role does the provision of knowledge actually play in using messaging as a digital service channel? We name four reasons why closer integration will advance your customer service operations:

1. Team empowerment

Accurate content delivery enables employees to acquire necessary knowledge on an ad -hoc basis and incorporate it into their service interactions. Service staff can use a knowledge tool to get the right answer to a question and offer customers a high-quality solution. In the best case, this is done with just a few clicks and inputs. This centralizes service processes even more: Dedicated service teams that act as the first point of contact can bundle services more effectively and achieve a higher rate of first-level support - inquiries can therefore more often be satisfactorily and conclusively clarified on first contact.

2. Shorter response times

A service request is often related to the search for a solution to a problem. Every delay in time generates unnecessary and additional costs. To avoid this, it is important to provide a suitable answer or solution as quickly as possible. The use of knowledge in customer service via Web or in-app messaging enables this. Integration makes relevant knowledge directly available to employees, which also eliminates the tedious switching between different applications or user interfaces - this saves time and ensures smooth, competent processing of requests.

3. Structured content 

Good knowledge management solutions make knowledge content available in various formats: shorter answers (possibly with additional attachments such as checklists) especially for chats or longer text blocks for sending by e-mail. Depending on the application, it can also be useful to visualize content and prepare it in multimedia format, e.g. in the form of explanatory videos. It is also important to integrate an editorial process for knowledge management to ensure continuous content updates.

4. Supports AI-based automation

Text-based channels such as chat applications or messaging solutions are best suited for the development of AI-based automation solutions in customer service. For example, existing knowledge content used for self-services via messaging or chatbots. Simple inquiries or frequently asked questions are intercepted and automatically answered with the support of AI. This could further reduce the workload of customer service staff and simplify service processes in the future. So building and maintaining knowledge is always worth the effort.


Excellent customer service thrives on speed, contact options with a flawless user experience and unambiguous answers. The knowledge required for this should be made available to customer service staff quickly, easily and comprehensibly. How does this work best? With the help of a customer service platform that allows direct access to all integrated tools within a single user interface.

Are you interested in how you can improve your service quality in omnichannel customer service communication by linking knowledge? We would be happy to show you how digital customer service management works and how you can take the efficiency of your customer service team to a new level.


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Eleftherios Hatziioannou

Written by Eleftherios Hatziioannou

Eleftherios Hatziioannou has been working with digital media in business contexts for many years. He has helped many renowned brands and companies (e.g. Daimler and s. Oliver) to become digital leaders of their respective industries. Furthermore, he is an expert on business models and startups. As a co-founder of smoope he broke new grounds in Germany when it comes to establishing messaging as a modern and safe medium for communication. Today, he works as a messaging specialist at Serviceware.

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