9 Things to Look for in a Technology Business Management (TBM) Partner

Today's rapidly evolving technological landscape means managing and optimizing your technology investments is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. This is where Technology Business Management (TBM) comes into play. 

TBM offers a strategic framework that enables organizations to align their technology investments with business objectives, enhancing decision-making and resource allocation. However, as with most technology solutions, not all TBM partners are the same. So, to ensure your journey towards operational excellence is smooth, it's vital to carefully assess potential TBM partners based on some fundamental criteria: 

●    Expertise and Experience
●    Comprehensive Toolset
●    Customization Capabilities
●    Data Accuracy and Quality
●    Alignment with Business Goals
●    Change Management Support
●    Scalability and Future Readiness
●    Collaboration and Support
●    Demonstrated ROI

Below we break down each of the 9 aspects to consider when selecting a TBM partner in more detail:

1. Expertise and Experience

A reputable TBM partner should have a proven track record in the field of technology management and financial analysis. Look for partners with a team of experts who possess in-depth knowledge of IT, finance, and business operations. Industry experience matters – they should understand the unique challenges and opportunities your industry faces to provide tailored solutions that suit your organization's needs.

2. Comprehensive Toolset

TBM relies on robust tools and software to gather, analyze and present accurate data. A top-notch TBM partner should offer a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate cost transparency, benchmarking and predictive analytics. These tools should integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and provide real-time insights to support informed decision-making.

3. Customization Capabilities

Every organization has its own set of objectives, challenges and workflows. Your chosen TBM partner should be able to customize their solutions to align with your specific people, process and data requirements. Avoid partners offering a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, opt for those who demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to adapt their offerings to match your unique needs.

4. Data Accuracy and Quality

The foundation of effective TBM lies in accurate and high-quality data. Ensure that the TBM partner you choose has robust data collection and validation processes in place. The data should be cleansed, standardized and consistent to provide reliable insights. Ask about their data governance practices and how they ensure data integrity over time.

5. Alignment with Business Goals

TBM is not just about tracking costs; it's about aligning technology investments with strategic business goals. Your chosen partner should be able to demonstrate how their solutions will contribute to enhancing your organization's overall performance, profitability and growth.

6. Change Management Support

Implementing TBM can bring about significant changes in processes and culture within your organization. A reliable TBM partner should offer change management support to guide your teams through the transition smoothly. This includes training, communication strategies and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption.

7. Scalability and Future Readiness

Your technology landscape will continue to evolve and so should your TBM strategy. Select a provider that offers scalable solutions that can accommodate your organization's growth and changing needs. Additionally, inquire about their ability to integrate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, as these can significantly enhance TBM capabilities. A forward-thinking TBM partner should also exhibit a commitment to continuous improvement. Ask about their plans for staying updated with industry trends, refining their offerings and incorporating new methodologies to keep your TBM strategy effective and relevant.

8. Collaboration and Support

TBM is a collaborative effort that involves various teams across your organization. Your chosen provider should facilitate effective collaboration between IT, finance and other business units. They should also offer quick, reliable customer support to address any issues, questions or concerns that may arise during your TBM journey.

9. Demonstrated ROI

A trustworthy TBM partner should be able to showcase tangible results achieved through their solutions. Request case studies, testimonials or references that demonstrate how their services have positively impacted other organizations' financial management and decision-making processes.


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Achieve operational excellence with Serviceware

Selecting the right TBM partner is a critical step toward optimizing your technology investments and driving business success. Get it wrong and it could set you back by years and cost you millions along the way.

The Serviceware Digital Value Model (DVM) is designed to revolutionize your digital transformation journey. Unlike rigid solutions, we’ll start right where you are, respecting and analyzing your existing data, processes and plans. Remember above when we spoke about customization capabilities? Well, with our solution there is no need to conform to a predefined model. Serviceware will tailor each strategy and solution to your unique needs. So, if you’re ready to accelerate your TBM value, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable digital transformation, let’s chat!

Sam Wilson

Written by Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson is Head of International at Serviceware SE, a leading enterprise management software company. Serviceware provide solutions to digitalize and automate service processes, enabling companies to improve service quality and efficiently manage service costs. Sam has 10+ years of international experience in enterprise IT and IT financial management and has helped many global organizations realize value through their IT investments over the years.

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